sdram latency time

My computer used to say "suggested sdram latency time is 2" when it started up. When I changed it to 2, the message disappeared. Was this the right thing to do? It was set to 3. Also, when I buy more memory, do I ask for sdram with a latency time of 2?
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SDRAM is not specified in latency time but rather in bus speed.  Today, you will find SDRAM in speeds of 66MHz, 100MHz, and 133MHz, referred to as PC66, PC100, and PC133 SDRAM respectively.  If you go in asking for "latency" SDRAM, you will get even dumber looks from the store clerks than you normally do.

The latency your computer is referring to used to be called "WAIT STATES" and is the number of CPU clock cycles that the computer "spins it wheels" while waiting for the memory to become available after some operation.  If the computer suggests two, then that's the normal setting.  In general, you wouldn't want to use any other setting and in fact, most BIOS setup don't include this setting.  I suppose there is some special circumstance that the manufacturer of the computer needed to cover when this feature was included.

If you need to but more SDRAM, check the specification of the computer and see what kind/speed of SDRAM is required and but that kind.

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