Link to delphi resources

Can anyone give a link to some decent beginners Delphi resources online? I'm thinking of getting into Delphi and I want something about the basics of the language, syntax, structure, etc.

Thank you.
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karouriConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this site:
intheCommented: has many components,
and a sample section where you can download sample projects.
delphi also has a demo directory full of demo projects to test out.

you can read a book about the language here:
has good stuff also
and if you look on the delphi cd there are pdf files which explain the language,
also the help file has nealy an example for everything.,
but the best thing is go to amazon and type delphi in the search box as there are many good books available for delphi there.

SubhumanAuthor Commented:
Thanks, that site is very helpful.

inthe - thank you aswell.
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