Invalid Property Path ?

why i got this error "Error reading MyComponent.Strings : Invalid Property Path " when Loaded up the form content "Mycomponent" ?
is it possible the mycomponent has corrupted ? please help. urgent.
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EmmDiehConnect With a Mentor Commented:
From the VCL source code file consts.pas you can see that this error message has the constant: SInvalidPropertyPath.

Looking for this string in the whole VCL, I find only one line where it is used.
In classes.pas procedure PropPathError;

PropPathError will only be called if the class read from the DFM is not derived from the class TPersistent.

Did you try to program your own component ?
Then you'll have to derive it from a class that somewhere has TPersistent as an ancestor.


Explorer060599Author Commented:
Adjusted points to 100
Explorer060599Author Commented:
EmmDieh ,

my component derived from TComponent , couldn't be the problem right ? then why ?
Hi Explorer,

sorry, then reject my answer.

Have you tried to load the dfm file into the delphi editor to see if it is corrupted ?

Do you still have the problem, if you create a new form and drop your component on it ?

Explorer060599Author Commented:
urs solution works..thanks
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