error booting server: "Veryfying DMPI pool data...

my NT server doesn't boot anymore.
When booting the server i get the message "Verifying DMPI pool data" and then "Updating ECSD" and the system halts at this point.
I've tried to change the boot hard disk in vain, and neither i can't boot from diskette, since the system doesn't access the floppy unit.
The RAM also has been replaced without result. I think is something about the motherboard.
What dou you think about?

Thanks in advance,
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jhanceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The "Verifying DMI Pool Data" message is NOT related to NT.  It happens at a point where the computer BIOS is running initialization routines in any add-in cards you have in your system.  This can occur when one card is misconfigured or failed.  It could also indicate an error in your BIOS/CMOS setup.

Do you have expansion cards in your computer, i.e. SCSI cards, network cards, etc.   Check their configuration and/or remove them one at a time and see if you can get past this problem.  Then after you have identified the offending board.  Diagnose it and see what's happened to it.

Also check the BIOS setup parameters.  Perhaps they have been changed.  Perhaps the CMOS battery is failing and the parameters are being lost.
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