I need to act two cgi from a single submit

I need to act a cgi on a remote machine (registration of data) and to send me a mail reporting that registration.
Is there a very simple way to achieve that (the other host will want to know and control what I do).
Thank you for the help.
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Not sure if I get your correctly, so what I'm explaining is how to get your form submitted to two CGI-appliactions with a single button.

To be frank, I don't see why you don't just make the one CGI do both the registration and the mailsending.

Actually you have several options. If you want to do it client-side you need javascript or similar. I'm no javascript-guru, but the concept is quite simple. You might want to make a hidden form in you HTML-document and use form1.submit() and form2.submit(). Something like (pseudo-code):

function submitDouble() {

<INPUT TYPE="button" OnClick="submitDouble();" VALUE="Submit double form">

If you want to do this server-side you have, as always, quite a lot of options depending on how you want to accomplish the task.

If you are familiar with Perl or CGI-friendly languages you can simply make a script og program that activates the two other CGI-applications for registering and mailsending in turn.


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