how to read physical sector under Win9x?

Don't send me to please. I know what they wrote under this subject (Q137176). I don't understand such a difficult answer. May be there is an analog of DOS's int 13h in Windows - reading physical sectors(for example master boot record)?
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Sorry to refer you to MS but the information is there.  Just because it's not as easy as you'd like it to be doesn't make it any less valid.  Under WIN32, you CANNOT access the INT13 (or other INTs) directly.  The ONLY way to do it from a 32-bit program is to write a 32-16 bit THUNKING DLL to get into the 16-bit subsystem.  If you think that using DeviceIoControl() is messy, then just look at the docs for thunking.

Here's the base article for this subject:

Here's an example that show using it to call into the device drive and retrieve information.  The technique for reading/writing sectors is similar and not all that complicated.

Of course, you say this is easy at 50pts.  So you should be able to take it from here.  If you need an example of some sort beyond what I've already provided in th eKB articles, you need to be upping the point value of this question.  I'd say 200 pts. or so would do it...

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VadikAuthor Commented:
No , the only I want - to read PHYSICAL SECTOR under Win9x . Well , I can increase my points to 100 if you help me understand calling int13 via DPMI (looking at microsoft supporting help). I deal with Delphi and I need to create Win16.Dll ( what directive of compiler?)  
VadikAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 80
 i can send you some delphi stuff for this.
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