Video/ Monitor Configuration

I have  an sis 5597 video card and a daytek (Daewoo) monitor.  Unable to get Redhat Linux to take these settings.  I can see the box with the buttons on it but never any wording (text)

Suggestions ?
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try this coz even i have the same card and i have done this

run xconf(or whatever u use to configure X-windows)
select the refresh rate or type of monitor carefully
select the right video and RAM
plz take a look at the card database if prompted
i guess u do not have any RAMDAC or clockchip refer to the manual and select correctly.
when u are prompted whether u want to probe or not do not probe.
after the config has finished note down the name of the file and its path that the config is written into.
now use a text editor and open this file for editing

search for the line the describes your video card

search for this line

#videoram 4096

where 8192 is the card'S MEMORY
the line can also be

#videomem 4096

'#' represents a comment so remove it

next add the following 3 lines

Option "no_accel"
Option "hwcursor"
Option "nobit_blt"

now save the file
type startx (or whatever ) and enjoy!! :)

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