fixing ftp put typo error

I have win98 and D4, a read/write ftp account. During a recent test of  ICS FTPClient program I made a typo and put  a file into my FTP remote directory.
Now I see the file on the dir(ectory)  but because of the typo error of  naming the file I cannot rename, delete, or  get it .  I have no idea how to fix the problem. Can you help?

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intheConnect With a Mentor Commented:
do you need permissions to change the file?
i mean is it on a unix server and so you need to have permissions to rename /move the file etc..
if thats the case youll need a program like ws_ftp at
then you can send chmod commands to change the files permissions.
delphi3Author Commented:
I have connected with the system administrator who gave me this account .....'' I just now deleted those stubborn little *** from the disk.  MAN they had an attitude.  I had to shut off the whole web service and restart the machine as a "standalone" to get it to let go of those things!!  Not a frequent event in my universe, that's for sure!  (Not a problem, though --- I just didn't expect it!)''

That said inthe, I thank you for the suggestion and while I did not use your suggestion I will give you the points and the action recorded here to offer the hint to others.

ok cheers ,very thoughtful idea :-)
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