EMM386 has detected error#01 and I am stuck.

EMM386 has detected error #01 in an application at memory address 0048:0A13.  To Minimize the chance of data loss, EMM386 has halted your computer.  To Restart your computer, Press Enter.

I press enter an nothing happens.  I press Alt-Ctrl-del and nothing happens.  I shut down manually and reboot and I get the same message.

It is a Compacq computer a 1994 model.  I had just downloaded a Y2K fix program and had started running it when I received the message.

The computer in question is my in-laws, how do I get past the halt?  What should I do next?
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1cellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
<hey 1cell, where do you get those neat computer help prints?>
Microsoft Technet, You can order monthly cd's or go to www.technet.com.

<I am having trouble getting beyond the error  message.  I can not access Dos, I have tried everything >
Have you tried a bootdisk?  What happens if you start the computer and continually hit F8?  Do you get to the start menu?  If so, try safe mode command prompt only and edit the config.sys file.  If you need more help than what's above, let me know.
If EMM386.EXE locks up the computer, follow these troubleshooting steps:
1. If the DEVICE=EMM386.EXE in the CONFIG.SYS file contains the HIGHSCAN parameter, remove HIGHSCAN from the command, save the CONFIG.SYS file, and restart your computer. (HIGHSCAN cannot be used on some computers.)
2. Start EMM386.EXE with the exclude option.
   EMM386.EXE may have incorrectly identified an area being used by the system as a "hole" (a region that can be used as a UMB or an EMS page frame). As a result, EMM386.EXE overwrites a portion of memory that is used by a hardware adapter in your computer.
   By excluding addresses in the range A000-EFFF, EMM386.EXE does not use any part of the excluded region for a UMB or EMS page frame. Identifying the correct region(s) to exclude requires experimentation. Start by excluding a large region and then reducing the size of the region. For example:
   You can use multiple exclusions on the EMM386.EXE device line. For example:
   Refer to the documentation included with your hardware device(s) for  information on the upper memory addresses the adapter card uses. Examples of devices that use upper memory addresses include network cards, SCSI adapters, video cards, and scanners.
3. If your computer has a SCSI disk controller and requires a device driver for the SCSI adapter, be sure the DEVICE= line for the SCSI driver appears before the DEVICE=EMM386.EXE line. Examples of SCSI device drivers include ASPI4DOS.SYS and USPI14.SYS.
4. If you are experiencing problems with the computer hanging, try loading the SMARTDrive double buffer driver.
     NOTE: The SMARTDrive double buffer driver line should appear before the DEVICE=EMM386.EXE line in the CONFIG.SYS file.
What operating system is installed on your in-laws computer? Can you reproduce for us the contents of the CONFIG.SYS file located in the root directory of the C: drive?
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hey 1cell, where do you get those neat computer help prints?
rsanfordAuthor Commented:
Operating System is Windows95.
rsanfordAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the suggestions.  I am having trouble getting beyond the error message.  I can not access Dos, I have tried everything.  Any suggestions.  I get the error message and the error message will not go away.  I can not get a windows menu or get into dos.  I understand some of the advice given, but I am just a hacker so if you could keep it simple it would help me a great deal.  Thanks.
When it says starting windows 95, hit F8.  You should get a menu.  Then choose "Command Prompt only".  If this gets you a prompt, then you can get to the config.sys file.  If not, then instead of "command prompt only" choose "step by step confirmation".  When it gets to the emm386 line answer no.  
Alternatively, you can boot to a boot disk and access the config.sys file on c: from there.  Make sure the boot disk has edit.com on it so you can edit the file.
rsanfordAuthor Commented:
Very helpful, Thank you.  
I have seen this error before a workaround would be to remark the line DEVICE=EMM386 in the config.sys
Also wanted to add that Microsoft has posted an updated to this problem.  EMM386.exe file needs to be updated.
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