I'm running Win98 with fat32
and Linux Redhat 5.2 ext2 file system

I mounted one of my harddives as both msdos and auto and evertime I come back I get scandisk telling me long file error this and that even if I don't touch long file names.  The exact error is that Long file name blabla doesn't match any file so we are going to destroy it.  I don't loose the file but it's othersome.  

Then I mounted a CD and maked an ISO, burned it from Windows and two files were currupt, I think its the CDROM but I'm not sure.
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First of all, you should not mount a fat32 filesystem as msdos, it should be mounted as vfat.  Read your man page on mount and fstab.  If you are mounting via your "/etc/fstab" file, you can include a line like:
/dev/hda2  /win98  auto  defaults 0 0
Where /win98 is a directory where it will be mounted.  Of course for the first parameter /dev/hda2, substitute your drive information.  Are you using the mount command manually?  I don't know if an incorrect mount could cause your problems, but it may since a dos filesystem doesn't support long filenames.  What mount command are you using?

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Also, Linux and Windows handle Carriage Return/Line Feed differently in files, so there may be translation broblems causing the files to appear corrupt in Linux.
riglinAuthor Commented:
For some reason or another vfat wasn't part of the list of types.  Don't know why, just wasn't there in man, or help.  

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