Problem with screen saver

When my screen saver comes on it freezes up after about 3 seconds.
I have to restart my computer every time it does that. Can anyone help me?
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which screen saver is this problem occuring with?  does it happen with all of them?
anita_75972Author Commented:
I haven't tried all of them, but I have tried the pipes, artworks, maze, and flying objects. It does the same with all of these.

Click Start, Settings, Control Panel then click the Power Management icon. Now make the following changes:

Power Scheme=Always On

System Standby=Never

Turn Monitor Off=Never

Turn Off Hard Disks=Never

Now try your screensaver.


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>I haven't tried all of them, but I have tried the pipes, artworks, maze, and flying objects. It does the same with all of these.

These all appear to be the OpenGL special graphic driver screensavers except the "artworks" screensaver that is not standard in windows.

Try either "Mystify", "beziers", "Starfield Simulation" or even "Blank screen" to test a different graphic mode.

If these work reinstall the latest version of you video card drivers and direct X.

netmage, that's what I ws thinking in the beginning but flying objects is not open GL
Something else to check.

What video card do you have?

If it is a good 3D games capable card and you don't play 3Dgames then i would suggest checking in your advanced bios settings that you have an "IRQ for VGA"  assigned if this option is available.

The problem you describe would ony appear when the video card goes into 3D on the screensaver and not other times.
You have a point that i needed to claify.
I wasn't sure if it was the 2d "flying windows" or the 3D " Flying objects" that i have on my win2k machine and am unsure if its in win98.
ahhh, you may be right in which case you beat me to the punch.

good point.
Another idea is find another screen saver program and see if the same thing happens. It just might be the program is corrupted
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