Upgrading my memory

I have a Pentium unit with 32MB.  When purchaing memory, what should I be concerned with, and do I have to buy 2 at a time?
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if you have 72 pin sockets:

yes you have to buy/use a pair, EDO or Fast page, really won't make that much of a difference.

if you have 168 pin sockets, nope, just one will do

You should be concerned with the speed.  If your current memory is EDO DRAM at 60ns and you add more memory at 70ns, the original memory may slow down to the speed of the slower memory.  If you are running PCI you need RAM that is as fast or faster than the bus speed of the motherboard.  Newer boards have a bus speed of 100, 133, or even 200MHz.  If you get PCI66 Ram for a faster board, obviously you will lose speed; possibly on the current RAM also.  If you could post your board model or the specs and the specs on your current RAM, it would be easier to give more exact information.
oldgreyguy is right. You need a pair of 72-pin SIMMs if only SIMM slots avialable on your mainboard, but I suggest you buy a DIMM (168-pin) if you have any free DIMM slots.

Check out your mainboard's manual if it have both SIMM and DIMM slots. It may allow using both SIMMs and DIMMs at the same time! (So, you don't need to discard your old PC's memory.) But, the DIMM's speed will be slowed down to SIMM's speed, if it can.

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