Downloading and viewing .mpg's off of Netscapge's Newsgroups?

I've never been able to view mpg or avi files on newsgroups.  I'm using the 4.7 version of Netscape but am unable to figure out how to change all the code that comes up into a file I can actually view.  Can someone help?
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vikky999Connect With a Mentor Commented:
same here
right as
This needs something more than Netscape.
You need to save the files you want to see in a folder.
Then go to that folder using Windows Explorer or My Computer
You then select the file, and go to the file menu.
Select change name and type the name of the file, plus .avi or .mpg , depending on the file. You can then watch the movie.

This is because programs that run certain types of files look for suffixes behind a file (the thing after the point) to determine if the file is compatible.  
klausmyersAuthor Commented:
I downloaded the file and renamed it with the appropriate extension whether it be .mpg, .ave, etc.  Each time the file would not play.  Thanks for trying.
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All I can think of is that the files are zipped, or something like that. That would take some trying, I think. Maybe you could ask the persons on the newsgroups which compression utility they use.
right click... save as
Files downloaded from news groups often span into 2 or more files because of the limitations of some services.  You are probably downloading 2of2 and missing 1of2.  This can happen alot.  Try using a newsgroup reader like free-agaent.  This program collects all the needed files if they are available and combines them together to create your .avi or .mpg file.  
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