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This is a two-part question......Realplayer 7 keeps on popping up a sign saying "missing plug-in detected" I'm going to get rid of it. What is the best Realplayer to download presently? I D/L Sonique MP3 to play back 60's music but all I can find are pop-ups etc......If I can't find good sites isn't MP3 grossly overrated? How do the Experts rate MP3? For some reason the new-look Experts comes in very slowly....other people having touble or is it just heavy traffic? 166 MMX P 11 I think, 3.2 g, 32k, 56 modem Thanks very much. Bigpig
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Real Player 7 is the latest version for Real Player. but why do u play MP3 with Real Player ?
use WinAmp instead (u can find it in
Real Player is mainly to play streaming video from the internet, MP3 is only a small feature and not its main one.
MP3 is grat , but finding it on the web is tricky. so instead, download Npaster at
.. this program let's u share your MP3 files with the rest of the world (over the inter net, but not over the web) and of course, the share their files with you. u can search any song by title or artist name, and if some of the 300,000 people conected with napster have it on their hard disk, u'll download it from them.

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BIGPIGAuthor Commented:
Thanks Ranaan,That's fine!! Bigpig
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