Cannot get the card nad monitor right

Ok well I am new to this Linu Red Hat 6.0. After reading numerous how-to got the installation running....
but when  I had to set up monitor and videocard problems emmerged.....
I have P3 450 MHz 64 MB ram
2 HDD one for linux and the other for win98
ATI MAGNUM 32 MB and Hyndai Deluxcan 15G

after setting up and when the xserver starts to test the configuration errors occur.....
the card is not listed but monitor is
but monitor cannot set up those vertical and horisontal syncs...

I installed linux so that copyied red hat directoty to win98 HDD (redhat/base and redhat/rpms)
and during intallation let it intall from win 98 hdd to linux hdd after makeing all those fdisk and diskdruid things (swap and native) because I couldn't boot from cdrom...
I skiped the installation rebooted and after 10 minutes of rebooting got to the console and typed startx and so errors occured where all those Hz were tested and PC started to boot again..

What must I  do

sry for the long question....

hlp me

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This may hang your machine, but it is worth a shot, in my opinion:

As root, run "SuperProbe"

See if it detects your card.  If it does, run "xf86config"

If it doesn't, run xf86config anyway, and try a generic vga server, similar svga servers, etc.

I'm not familiar with your card, but odds are it is new enough it isn't fully supported. But it is prabable you can get it up and running this way (perhaps at greatly reduced resolution).
I think you must have a look at this:
or directly go to
then download the X server, read the doc (
then install it and run.
Hope this helps.

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FreeStylerAuthor Commented:
hehe I solved the problem by myself...
I just need  a new xserver named xrage
and write some lines in LILO conf..
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