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I'm running a performa 6360 with OS8.1. My 6 gig hard drive is partitioned into 3 drives. One partition has become invisible unless I choose that drive as the start up disk. The drive is then visible but has a blue color. I've tried file buddy and norton to change drive attributes with no luck.
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I would try a volume rebuild. There are only two programs I know of that will do this, one is DiskWarrior, published by Alsoft, and the other is TechTool Pro 2.5.2.

Although you could try something as simple as a desktop rebuild.

Wait a sec: by "invisible" do you mean it has no icon on the desktop, but you can still use the disk as normal, or do you mean it won't mount?
DtchDrvrAuthor Commented:
By invisible I mean no Icon no nothing.
Ok, this one should be pretty easy. First try a Desktop rebuild (hold down option and command just after the extensions finish loading). If that doesn't do it, try this one. Select the hard drive icon and Get Info on it (command-I). Where the icon is, click on it and hit command-x (the cut command) and the basic hard drive icon should appear. If that doesn't work, get info on another disk select the icon in that window and copy it (command-c) and then paste it (command-v) in the window for the "invisible" one.

If these don't work, post something back and we'll go from there.
Run your format utility and update the driver. Be careful not to initialize the drive. This cannot be done if you have booted your machine with any one of the three partitions. Also, check to make sure that the Mount At Startup feature is checked.

Good Luck,

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