6350C ADF not detected by control panel applet "scanners and cameras"

I recently acquired a "preowned" HP
ScanJet 6350C. It arrived WITH ADF unit
attached. I hooked it up via USB - and everything worked like a charm - except for the ADF. I was puzzled to find that the bundled software had "greyed out" the options for ADF - and tried reinstalling everything. Still it did not work. I then discovered the "scanners and cameras" applet in the control panel - I ran the scanner diagnostics no prob - but the ADF test failed - the ADF was *NOT* detected!
Any one able to help me out? Should there be a cable attached to the "ADF" port on the scanner? Even on the 6350C ("born" with ADF) ? There IS indeed a cable sticking out of my ADF unit but the "other end" is tucked in under the ADF (between the ADF and Scanner)... Please help me!

Have I been cheated?

Thank you in advance!
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FabihaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There should be a cable going from the ADF (attached to the ADF itself) that plugs into the ADF port on the back of the scanner. The port is labeled ADF on the scanner itself. To test it, position the lever in the 1 position, put the paper in as far back and to the left as it will go, and then move the lever to the 3 position. Try scanning with the ADF again. Good luck.
BunderenAuthor Commented:
Thanks! Since I posted the question I
have stumbled across the following info
INSIDE a question from "eric" (THANKS
A BUNDLE ERIC! YOU ROCK!!!!) - I am pasting it here (hope you don't mind Eric):
First an information: (probably other users will also have the probem: when you buy a new 6350 with ADF:  the ADF is already fixed on the scanner - but inside of the ADF there's a cable you need to plug in the scanner. So you have to remove the ADF first (this is nowhere mentioned) and you need a hell lot of force to remove the ADF. Take out the cable and plug it in into the scanner...)
---end quote
I would like to add: BELIEVE ME the "a hell of a lot of force" is an understatement! I would recommend using a butterknife wraped in some cloth (to avoid scratch marks) in "lifting" the ADF off - I believe it is very likely that someone may well damage the ADF/and or scanner if not using a method similar to the described.

Why I company, like HP, known for very fine products, and even finer support and setup instructions / manuals could make such a huge mistake is truly beyond me.

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