Keyboard Problem with CapsLock & Shift Key

My friend has a Packard Bell Computer running Windows 95.  A few days ago she upgraded to Internet Explorer 5 and since around this time she has been having problems with her keyboard.  (We are not sure if this is a coincidence or not).

When she is trying to type something and may hit the shift key to type an upper case letter, strange things happen.  Sometimes the System Properties Window appears, sometimes she gets some strange letters such as, {dh???}.  Other times when she puts on the caps lock key she doesn't get capital letters.

It seems as though the only keys giving her problems are the CapsLock Key and the Shift Key on the left side of the keyboard.  The shift key on the right side seems to be working.

I took her keyboard and hooked it up to my computer just to see what would happen.  It seemed to have the same problems with the Shift & CapsLock Keys so I assume it is the keyboard.

Please advise what would be the best option to do. Replace the keyboard or get a new one.

Thank you.

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It sounds like a good bet if it works the same on your computer then it is the keyboard. If you have a computer store ,like CompUSA, your can get a keyboard for $10.00.
Good Luck
Yeah, that seems to be the best bet. Since it's probably a bust anyway, try this:
Take something like a small screwdriver or butter knife, insert it carefully under the key on the side facing away from the rest of the keys. Pry upwards, and grab the key with your fingers on the other side. Pull up with your fingers until the key pops off. This should allow you to clean the key. Take a clean rag and wipe out both the recess where the key was and the inside of hte key itself. Then firmly re-insert it. Check the plug for any weird stuff (dust, animal fur, small aliens), and remove any foreign material. If this doesn't work, watch the computer retail store ads :)

I would just grab a new one for 5-10 bucks too, you CAN clean it but do you want to? seems easier to just buy a new one.
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Yeah. I can remember back when a keyboard was 50 bucks. Now, it seems that they're giving them away! If you want to spend enough time online, you could probably find some "freebies" site giving one away as a promo thing.
Did you check your keyboard's connector? May be one pin is broke. If this is the case you have to replace it. Check on the web, you can get one for no more than $15.
Here's a thought.  Get a new keyboard.  Hey somebody had to do it, right.

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Jeanne061397Author Commented:
Thanks for all the help.  I don't know who to give the credit to as everyone is so helpful.

We probably will go out and get a new keyboard as soon as we get over this flu bug.

All of you should get a little credit for the answer.

Thanks again.

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