ScanJet 3300C Software and WIndows 2000 Professional

I just upgraded to windows 2000 professional and now every time i try to scan something the software dies and i cant scan anything. Are there any software updates?
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No. There is no software upgrade. The scanjet 3300 is not supported in Win2000. For some reason, HP has chosen not to use any USB connections in Win2000.

Here is the URL for their Win2000 compatability.

And here they are listed for you.

5200C Parallel only  
6200C SCSI only
6300C SCSI only

Good Luck!


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HP ScanJet3300c under Windows 2000 !!!

Well, as it seems to me they will not make a Win2K Driver.

I "hacked" it, so it runs under Win2K:
(f***ing HP !)

1.:On your driver CD-ROM there is a file named "hp3300c.inf". Use this to install the scanner.(device manager) All needed DLL's are in the same directory. When asked for the application CD-ROM press "cancel" (it won't run under win2k). So, then the scanner should no longer appear under the question mark in the device manager. (make sure you can istall drivers which is not digitally signed for win2k)

2.:Copy the whole folder "Hewlett-Packard" from a win98 system (under program files probably) to your win2k system.

3.:Get three files from a win98 system (with scanning software ? I don't know, but the system I took them from has got installed PrecisionScan LT) named
"ipeapi12.dll" , "ipebase12.dll" and "ipeistor12.dll" and copy them to "...\Hewlett-Packard\HP PrecisionScan\PrecisionScan LT" (probably under program-files). The scanning-program "hpprsclt.exe" and the other utilities need these DLL's.

4.: You have to start the registry-editor under win98 with the scanner installed an export the two key's: "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Hewlett-Packard" and
Because on my system I run both OS's I did not make any changes, but you can view the exported *.reg-files and correct some directories. (I think mostly directories with "program files"-folders ...)  Then in win2k execute this two files and then it should run.

5.: Updates: Well, I did not work on this long, but some are not working on my machine. I think I can replace the new DLL's (after extracting the Update) by myself, so it would probably work. If it does not, I will try to update the driver under win98 and then copy all the new stuff to win2k...

I didn't say it would be easy...

comments to
(sorry for bad English, I am a German hacker :-)
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