CD-Rom Autoplay

When I insert a CD the autoplay icon in "My Computer" reverts back to the first game that I installed on my computer.  The autoplay entry in the registry says that it should look at the autoplay directory on the cd, but it still shows the same icon, regardless.  This is really annoying, don't tell me that I have to reinstall Windows please.  I have a different problem every time I install. Any other suggestions are welcome.
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Check in the registry for that game and check to make sure there isn't a "start-up" connection to your autoplay.  If you see it there, the simplest route would be to just "REM" that particular line.  That should take care of your problem.
ApocAuthor Commented:
There isn't a startup key in that section of the registry, nor is there a reference to the game in my autorun key.  My autorun lists h:\autorun.ico but for some reason, it doesn't display it.

There'll be a setting on the right there called NoDriveTypeAutoRun (You
can click on Edit and then Find for it if the customer isn't too proficient)
On a properly working Windows 98 system, the data section for this will say:
00 00 00 98 or 0x00000098. If it doesn't say that, doubleclick on
NoDriveTypeAutoRun, and type in the value manually, close the registry
editor, and that *may* sort it... I'm assuming that the CDs in question are fully legitimate...

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[Start button]
-> [Settings]
-> [Control Panel]
-> [System] -> [Device Manager Tab] -> [CDRom]
Select your CD-Rom Driver and select properties. On the settings tab, remove the check mark on "Auto Insert Notification" and restart your computer.

ApocAuthor Commented:
Thanks Baldrick, seems my registry does all kinds of strange things in my new computer.  Do you have any advice on how I can learn more about values in the registry?
ApocAuthor Commented:
If you didn't see the other comment I made, thanks.  My registry seems to be corrupting all the time on my new computer.  I'm losing faith in Gigabyte.  Do you have any advice on how I can learn more about those obscure registry keys, they're greek to me (00 00 00 98)?
Thanks for the reply. I seriously doubt that your Gigabyte mainboard is the problem - actually they've got a very good reputation. The only problem I've really encountered with a Gigabyte BX board is that it couldn't supply enough power to a new Nvidia GeForce 256 Graphics card - but then Gigabyte aren't alone here.

As for registry keys: You've already got all you need (PS Actually they're still Greek to me too). Check out the Windows 98 resource kit. It's on the C in \TOOLS\RESKIT. Install this and check out the on-line book. It's packed with all the info you need to develop a solid troubleshooting strategy. Funnily enough, it also gave me a bit more respect for Microsoft - when faced with the daunting requirements of such an OS I do actually believe they've done quite a good job.

Assuming your hard drive is OK (do a thorough scandisk if you haven't already) I'd say that strange registry modifications were down to software. Uninstallation software such as CleanSweep, and various utils such as CrashGuard, System works etc. have always given me more grief than they were worth. You can also "wind back the clock", drop to DOS and type SCANREG /RESTORE if your registry is babbed, this will enable you to select a copy of the registry from a known working date.

Hope this helps!
Whoops, my typing's babbed, I meant to say the resource kit is on the Windows 98 CD in \TOOLS\RESKIT...
ApocAuthor Commented:
Cool.  Thanks for the info.  Glad that the problem doesn't reside in my motherboard.  Gigabyte was recommended to me but it's my first GB so I wasn't sure.
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