To partion or not to partion.

I just bought a 13.6 WD hd. my question is should I partion the drive in 2.1 gig partions or just leave it. My comp. is a PII-400 128 meg sdram, ASUS p2b-f mobo. I do some grafics, Acad, and the norm. Thanks in advance
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chewymonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The advantage of at least two partitions, or two harddrives is that you can keep your data on one andyour OS and apps on the other.  That way if you ever have to format and reinstall, your data isn't touched.
I would make it one big fella, first update your bios ( so it will know what to do with big drives.

I have always (over time) needed more space on one partition than another, now that the drives are so large, one partition does me fine.


falconer111Author Commented:
What about access times and defrag times ? will they suffer from one large partion?
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Access time should be same-same or less with one big partition. Total number of tracks on disk is same, head step speed doesn't know from partition. jumping around is jumping around.

Defrag time will go up because you'll be defragging the whole disk instead of just little 2.1Gb parts.

I have dual 8Gb HD's on my system as C: and D: and wouldn't ever think of splitting them down into C/D/E/F and G/H/I/J - Yecch!

Split your HD in half would be better than into 2.1 gb
defrag will take longer on one big partition, but I think the time you spend moving data around on the 6 different 2.1 partitions would be just as annoying, at least you can set defrag up to run while you are at the store or sleeping. my friend has a 10 GB hard drive and he partitioned it into 5-2GB partitions, boy is he unhappy with that decision. If I were you I would either leave it alone or take the advice of Boom and chewymon.
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