Real time priority ???

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Is there any function in LINUX equivilant to REAL-TIME Priority function in HP-UX "rtprio"?????
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Don't know of that command... 'top' might be what you're after, try the manpage for it.
I think Linux was not built to guarantee real time priority support. I couldn't confirm, though.
Dunno that command for HP-UX (in fact all my contact with HP-UX has been scary, and I swiftly ran away).

What does it do? If all you are trying to do is to alter the priority of different processes, then the command you are looking for is "renice".
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tromador: Haven't you ever heard of real time priority? He doesn't want a simple renice of processes, he needs that if a process has to do something at a given time it actually does it guaranteed.

 I've heard Linux doesn't have support for that. It need a completely different OS phylosophy to work properly.

This is certainly true of a linux 2.0.x/libc5 based setup. I thought it worked fine in 2.2.x/libc6/
That would have to be investigated. I just know that real time priority is a very complicated scheme. That's why I thought it would be beyond Linux capabilities...

Oh please, does anyone still not accept Linux as a serious operating system?

I really want to avoid pointless operating system advocacy, but I think we have to accept that Linux has now, with 2.2.x series kernel and glibc 2.1 moved an enormous step in the direction it needs to go.

We had renice on Suns 10 years ago, I'm sure they can have managed to fix it up for the linux kernel by now.
No, I really respect Linux as the most serious operating system I know. It's just that I thought of real time systems as huge mainframes, maybe because I never saw a running real time application in a mission-critical environment.

 Don't get me wrong, I'm very confident to Linux. My doubts are about the poor IBM-PC architecture... By the way, have someone ever seen Linux running on a Power PC (Mac)?

Yep... Linux PPC not ring a bell ?
Interesting... And how's the distribution? As cool as Slackware or as crappy as RedHat?

Don't know... there's one for the Motorola 68K - CPU machines which I want to get for my old Ataris...
Cool. I know that there's also a Linux version for Amiga's. I'm very used to Slackware and I really love this distribution, but I'd really enjoy testing Linux on other platforms...

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