Repartitiong existing Linux installation for Windoze

Hey all,

I currently have SuSE 6.3 installed on the following partitions  :

/dev/hda3 (root)
/dev/hda5 (not used by anything)
/dev/hda6 /home
/dev/hda7 /usr

Now, in this current configuration is it possible to install windows on /dev/hda5 by some clever stuff ?

I remember hearing a while back that Windows can only be installed on the first partition, in this case /dev/hda3 . If this is true, is there any way to swap it with /dev/hda5 (ie /dev/hda5 becomes /dev/hda3) ?
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Windows doesn't have to be on the first partition, but it has to be on a Primary partition.  You should be able to use Linux's fdisk to make more than one of your partitions primary and turn /dev/hda5 into a Vfat partition.  Then your windows install should see it.
gravityAuthor Commented:
OK, I'm not too hot with fdisk... I can get it to basic stuff, but how would I go about telling fdisk to make /dev/hda5 the primary partition ?
you'll have to delete it and then recreate it as a primary. You can have 4 primaries on the disk. Use the t command to toggle the partition type to vfat - you can get a list of the number codes from fdisk. Then try your windows boot disk to format and install
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gravityAuthor Commented:
OK, I may be able to do virtually anything in Linux including getting the irda port to communicate with another Windoze box, but could you please explain precisly what I need to do with fdisk... there are a lot of points on offer, and as someone not to used to partitioning, I'm really not that keen to much around with them... 'just in case' :)
Do this.

fdisk /dev/hda

then you will see

Command (m for help):

Hit m and enter to see the keys.

hit d to delete a partition


you will see

Partition number (1-4):
enter 2

then proceed

now hit n to add a new partition

make a new Linux primary partition

then after you are finish

list the partitions hit p

hit t to change the partition system id

you will see

Partition numner (1-4): enter whatever partition number the new partition is

then you will see
Hex code (type L to list codes):

hit SHIFT l and enter

now you will see the different partitions.

Select b for Win95 FAT32

and exit.

now reboot your computer with a clean dos preferebly Win98 bootdisk and boot to it. Make sure you got a fdisk, format and sys program on the disk. Then first fdisk in dos. all the commands are easy.

first do c:\

If it works then you can format c:\

If it doesn't then do delete and recreate the partition it should show as FAT32 on the list partition in fdisk. Delete that and create a primary partition.

WARNING: do not delete your linux partition or you will not be able to boot linux.

After the fdisk. Reboot your computer and still use your dos boot disk.

Now issue the command 'format c:\'

and then reboot after that.

now install windows98 with the cdrom.

it should work now.

PS: please let me know what happen. my email is

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gravityAuthor Commented:
I do a list and get :

/dev/hda1   *         1        18    136048+  82  Linux swap
/dev/hda2            19       678   4989600    5  Extended
/dev/hda3           679       839   1217160   83  Linux
/dev/hda5            19       154   1028128+   6  FAT16
/dev/hda6           155       290   1028128   83  Linux
/dev/hda7           291       678   2933248   83  Linux

When I hit 'd' I get the option of 1-7... which one should I delete ?
/dev/hda5            19       154   1028128+   6  FAT16

use 4 if 4 doesn't work then 5.

either it's reading the partitions one by one or using the table as a basis.

gravityAuthor Commented:
Fair enough... it's about to work for me ;)
/dev/hda5            19       154   1028128+   6  FAT16

use 4 if 4 doesn't work then 5.

either it's reading the partitions one by one or using the table as a basis.

Oops damn repost :) sorry for the repeat.
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