Animated GIFs not looping

Animated GIFs no longer loop when viewed online
with either Netscape or IE. (They cycle once and stop."Play animations" is enabled for IE etc) They do still loop when downloaded and viewed directly. How can I restore the looping?
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BlessyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Usually, The looping of an animated gif depends mainly on the way it is created.  In Animation shop pro, I've seen options like loop for some definite no. of times (1 or more as you wish), or loop infinitely.  If you choose the first option and give any number before saving the animation, it stops animation after the specified no. of times.  If you choose the second option, it will run without stopping in the browser.

Next issue is the type of browser.  Some old browsers doesn't support animation.  If the broser support animation, it might have the option to disable it. If it is enabled, it will run the animation. Actually it is loading different frames of the picture for a specified time( The time for each frame is also given at the time of creation). Once you click on "stop animation" or "stop button of the browser" or "any link on the page", the loading of frames gets disturbed and it stops.You can see the animation again by refreshing the page.

Answer for the question:
From the senario of your question, I understand that the animation is looped indefinitely (you said "They do still loop when downloaded and viewed directly") and when you view it on line from the site, it is getting stopped after a cycle. From this statement I understand that they might have used some scripting languages to stop animation after a period of time or after one cycle.  This is possible for a web site designer and you(user) can't control or restore the looping, because you can't edit the script.

I hope I answered your question.

skaiAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
What program are you using to make the animated GIF's?  Make sure in the setting before you render the animation it is set to Loop.
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skaiAuthor Commented:
Sorry, guess I wasn't clear. These aren't ones that I made. No animated GIFs at all seem to work with either browser, while viewing online. If I download the same GIF and look at it with the same browsers, it works fine.
Where are you getting these GIF's?  Is this just from one site on internet or all sites?  Which versions of browsers are you using?
skai, maybe the connection is reset or stop. you can restore the loop (while online) using the refresh or reload button, and usually the whole page will restore or reload again from the server.

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