Need help w/archtek isa modem

I have a archtek modem with a davicom 3334bdv chipset,it will dial out in linuxconf and minicom , but will not connect in either,kppp does not work at all.Will this modem even work in linux?Linux system is Linux-mandrake 6.1
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stumpedAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
If you can get it to dial you are definatly on the right track, anything that will dial in linux will work (sooner or  later) What error are you getting in kppp?
here are a few basics I learned just recently,
if your modem is external, use either cua0(com1), or cua1(com2)
if internal, use ttyS0(for com1)or ttyS1 (com2) etc...
I don't reccomend using the dev/modem for connecting, use the port name (cua0, ttyS0, etc...)
it is possible to connect to your internet provider directly through linux config, you can even setup for automatic on linux load.
I hope this is helpful to you, I also have linux mandrake 6.1, so I should be able to answer a few more questions
stumpedAuthor Commented:
The error message i get in kppp is "modem did not respond" after it says "modem ready"When i try connect in liuxconf it wont get past login on my isp.(I GUESS?)I have already ran pnpdump and setserial.
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did you set the PAP login and password?

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stumpedAuthor Commented:
YEs and the DNS numbers
after your connection fails, run the command:

tail /var/log/messages

and post the results here.
>I have a archtek modem with a davicom >3334bdv chipset,it will dial out in >linuxconf and minicom ,
If you got it to dial out in minicom then it's working fine.

>but will not connect in either,kppp >does not work at all.
What do you mean you can't connect to kppp? Did you configure your link to /dev/modem?

>Will this modem even work in linux?>Linux system is Linux-mandrake 6.1
Well first of all you said it worked on linuxconf and minicom so I'm confused on what you are trying to say.

Please post more info on this.
stumpedAuthor Commented:
I guess i'll withdraw the question  and get an external modem.And that should solve my problem.
stumpedAuthor Commented:
Fahgeta bout it.
I'll get an external modem.Linux has aproblem with com port 3.With external I can use com 1 or 2.
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