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I want to, when someone rolls over a link, to open a website IN THE SAME WEB BROWSER!  I can get to work, but I don't want to.  Something kind of like this but working:

<A HREF="sponser.html" onMouseOver='refresh content=("sponsers.html")'>JavaScript</A>

you can replace refresh content= with and it will open sponsers.html in a new window, but I want it opened in the same window.
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robbertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
<A HREF="sponser.html" onMouseOver='document.location.href="sponsers.html"'>JavaScript</A>

Or use window.location.href, or FrameName.location.href.

- Why don't you download the JavaScript references from Microsoft (search for "JScript reference") and Netscape? - Or buy a book?
These are basics.
mrcool4444Author Commented:
Let me put it this way.....I don't program HTML OFTEN!!!! I program in VB and I am making a site and I wanted to use this.
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