Excel 5.0 Macro

I am trying to create a simple macro that runs a Goal Seek, but also displays an input box to allow the user to enter the proposed value.

Sub Goal_Seek()
Worksheets("Negotiation Scenario").Activate

myNum = Application.InputBox("Enter a number")
    ActiveCell.GoalSeek Goal:=myNum, ChangingCell:=ActiveCell.Offset(-2, 0). _
End Sub

The only result I get is that the reference is not valid.
I know I am probably way off mark but can anyone help?
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Your code should work, provided that:

1. The active cell is the cell with a formula that you want to be equal to mynum.

2. The cell to change is the cell two steps above the active cell.

Perhaps you should specifically name the ranges where you want to do your goal seeking. Something like this:

Sub Goal_Seek()
  Worksheets("Negotiation Scenario").Activate
  myNum = Application.InputBox("Enter a number")
  Range("D9").GoalSeek Goal:=myNum, ChangingCell:=Range("D7")
End Sub

Ture Magnusson
Karlstad, Sweden

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kenny1Author Commented:
Thankyou very much.
I have been banging my head over this problem and getting no where.
I appreciate the help.
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