Floppy problem

 recently i pulled out my HDD (just to have a look) and in the process i had to remove the FDD cable so i decide to remove the FDD as well....now i put it back in and as soon as i switchmy comp on, the "reading" light goes on and it never stops reading.
 When i enter windows, i cant read any floppys....
Oh yah...there is no floppy in it when i switch it on
What do i do?
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You have accidentally plugged your fdd cable in the wrong way.  Switch the cable around (with the red strip pointing to the nr1 pin) and it will work.  Let's just hope the floppy didn't pop a fuse in the process.

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yankeedoodlesAuthor Commented:
ok u see the cable has a ridge thingie..so it cant be the wrong way..
unless u meanthe wrong end is at each hardware?
If the light keeps shining it means that the gray cable is definately in the wrong way, either on the motherboard, or at the drives end.  Trust me on this, it was the first mistake I made as apprentice technician :)  


ps. If it works, please let me repost the answer.

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Gryphon is right, the cable has four ways to swap around, and only the way is correct, this assumes you may have unhooked the MB side too, also the twisted part always goes to the floppy side.
Gryphon is right, but the "twisted" part does not have to be closer to the diskette.

If you have only *ONE* diskette-drive connected to the ribbon-cable, it doesn't make a difference.

If you have *TWO* diskette-drives, then RAYT333 is correct, unless you've changed the jumpers on the diskette-drive.

Doesn't it make a difference? I thought I read somewhere that the twisted part had to hook to the "A" drive in order for it to be bootable. I have never tested this but have always gone with the conclusion that the twisted part had to hook to the floppy for it to be bootable. As in if you had two floppies then the only one that is bootable is the one with the twist in the cable.

If I am wrong then please correct me.
if you have a TEAC floppy drive made within the last 18 months, it will only work with the twisted cable, straight thru will only work with TEAC's with jumpers.

a good rule of thumb is that the pin one stripe goes toward the power connector

It's possible to reverse the cable at either end. The A drive is always the one past the twist. As you look at the cable the end nearest the twist is A, the connector in the middle is B and the farend is the controller.

The PC standard was set lo those many years ago that all floppy drives are jumpered as unit 1 - NOT 0, and the *cable* determines who is which. That is why the straight thru connector is B drive (Unit 1) while the twisted connector is A (Unit 0). You gotta remember that the PC (5150) was designed by IBM following the guidelines and general physical layout characteristics of the System 34.

It is also possible to swap A/B in the BIOS.

yankeedoodlesAuthor Commented:
Wow...i have no idea wat u guys are talkin about..wat twist...well ..i have a 10 gb ibm HDD but when i enter windows it says only 8.4 gb is present? now how do i slove THIS problem?
Gryphon how do i give u ure pts?
the twist is in the middle of the flat ribbon cable that hooks to the floppy, it should be at the end that hooks to the floppy.
If your problem is solved then you should have the option to accept Gryphon comment as the answer.

As for you next question, you should post another question and not get this too confusing.
yankeedoodlesAuthor Commented:
your help was much appreciated
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