importing response docs

Hi I currently have 2 forms one set as a response doc as another.  I have imported documents in to the forms and I was wondering if it was possible to selectively set the a parent to the imported response docs and if so how?
Thanks much in advance.
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jschwarzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
sbaek, can you clarify: did you import to the parent document or the response document?  Do you want to set the imported document to  be a response to an already existing document?

The first thing you need to do is deterime if there is some key, some way to tell which document the imported document is responding to.  If you can do that, you could write a simple LotusScript program which uses the NotesDocument.MakeResponse method to change it to a response.

When you import documents into a view, however, they are always imported as Documents, and thus can not be a response to another document (how would the import procedure know which document it was a response to.
Oops!  It appears that now you *can* import documents directly into response documents.  However, all the imported documents become responses to the document you had highlighted when you did the import.  This is obviously not a satisfactory action.  So I will stick to my last response, which is to write a simple LotusScript to create the responses.
If there are not to many docs, you can create buttons to re-link the imported docs to new parents.
If you need this code tell me.
sbaekAuthor Commented:
Let me clearify the question if I can.  I already have the parent docs imported into the db and I want to import response documents to the documents above.  There is a key to match the parent and child responses so I believe I can use your suggestion above.  Thanks
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