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I have a Novell 4.12 running on single volume, 2 x 4.3GB hdd (mirroring), now I wanna add in 2 x 2.1 GB hdd, how should I go from here ? can I have the 4.3GB to mirror the 4.3GB, and the 2.1GB to mirror the 2.1GB ? Can I extend the existing volume accross to the new hdd or I need to create a new volume ??

I'm new to Novell, so hope u all could help in explaining in more details.

Thank you.
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maharustyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to install the two drives.  

After the server is back on line then load the install nlm.

Then you need to create netware partitions on the drives.

Next you will mirror the two new drives.

 After that you can add them to the existing volume.  To do this go to the volume options screen.  Then press the insert screen.  You will see unallocated space.  You highlight that and press enter and then add it to the existing volume.  

Just as easy as that.  

BTW Make ABSOLUTLY sure that you do not run out of space on your SYS volume or you will be in big trouble!!!  If at all possible I try to never install with only a single volume!  I will install at least two with the second being a data volume that I install print queues and all user programs using SYS only for core Netware stuff.
In Netware you mirror partitions. That means that you can mirror the 2x 4GB HDDs and the 2x 2GBHDDs. Extending (spanning) the volumes is also possible. I would recommend spanning only in a mirrored enviroment( as you have suggested).

Create 2 new Netware partitions on the new drives, mirror them and add them to your existing segments to span (extend) them or create a new mirrored volume.

If you span (RAID 0+1 or 10) you will see that the disk access is somewhat faster. Some people don't do spanning because they think that it is too dangerous but I don't see any problems in a mirrored enviorment.

See for info on spanning.


bertchenAuthor Commented:
Let's make it simple, I have decided to create new volume. First I would say physically plug in the 2 new hdd, and now how much disk space would I see ? space for one disk or two disk ? how do I set the mirroring, and BTW, the mirroring is provided by h/w or Novell ??

can you guide me step by step for whaat to do after plugging in the hdd ??
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