Borland Compiler 5.2

I recently upgraded from Borland 3.1 to 5.2 and when I run a code I have written it disappears when its done.  Not allowing me to see the output!  How do I keep it from disappearing?  This does not happen to version 3.1.

- newbie
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yairyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just add getch(); function in the end of your program.
it will force the program to wait until a key is pressed.

the header file is conio.h

#include <conio.h>
void main()


rockmagickAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
You means, may be, BC 5.02
I use it for make 32b apps. And 3.1 makes only
16b apps. In 32b some old functions work
a little different, than in 16b.
But it is "in general". In you case:
can you send snipped of you code,
that not works? Without code it is hard to say something...

rockmagickAuthor Commented:
Generally any code I use.  Like an options preferance thing used in 5.02.  Looked up in help files and menus and can't find an answer.  When the window is done running the code under debug/run.  It disappears by closing the box before I can read the output.
rockmagickAuthor Commented:
Thank you, I do that now, but I wish there was some setting I could use instead.
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