I have a perl-script that i have written. It writes out html-pages. It has several pages inside it. So I use one footer-code for all of the html-pages. And I wanna have a orange line at the bottom, showing a copyright notice. The rest of the page has black background. The code  works, but it doesn`t show up in the bottom of the page, it shows up at top.
So if u could tell me how to get the table ore the orange line at the bottom, I would be DELIGHTED!
Here are the html-code:
Here are some text and stuff...
<TABLE align="bottom" border=0 cellPadding=6 cellSpacing=0 height="10%"
<TR align=bottom>
    <TD align=bottom bgColor=orange colSpan=2><FONT face="Comic Sans MS"
      <CENTER><FONT color=#000000>Copyright © Gøran Vinje 1999 </FONT></CENTER></B></FONT></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
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tecbuilderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Without seeing your page to see exactly what it is that is happening I will make an educated guess and say that your problem is that you need to move your last row to the bottom of your page.  But what you missed is that you need to locate (position) the table to the bottom of your page.  My guess is that you thought the table's code would place it down at the bottom for you, and this is not so.

You can do this in 2 different ways. The simplest way is to add paragraph and/or line breaks above the table tag.  Thereby pushing the table down the page.  The other way is to add additional (at least one) rows and columns above your copyright row to your table.  Using one or more of these rows you would add paragraphs, line breaks, or increase the height percent in rows above the bottom row in order to push the bottom row down.

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