How can i use VB in networks

there are two
1-how can i became an expert
2-i have a database program VB with ACCESS how can i make my program work under network and can two or more users working in the same file at the same time or not if not how can i do it .

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1. All you need to do is answer someelses question! Easy
To become an expert, you must first register (there is a link at the bottom of this page)

If you want to make your program work under network, or multiuser You'd better use MSSQL Server instead of MS Access. I don't think you can do it with Access


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Henny - loay would have to already be registered - you can't ask a question unless you are registered!!!
Henny, you're wrong on both counts!

Not only is he registered to be an expert but you CAN use access in multiple user mode on a LAN!

Access is designed to be networked from the ground up. Place the .MDB file in a LAN directory where your users have full priveleges and let them have at it. Unless you're in a very heavy transactional mode there is no special coding required. The Jet engine will manage multiple users just fine with no special efforts on your part (this is where the .LDB file comes in - it tracks each user logged into the database)

Now you can help things along by keeping your edit/update sequences as short as possible. Don't start an edit, say, at form_load and wait until form_unload to do the update. Fill your for with the data and do the edit/update all at once at the end. This will speed operations.

The Jet engine builds an image of the data record in memory and doesn't actually update the database until you fire an UPDATE command. If that command is successful, then your data is safely tucked away in the .MDB.

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