Help: System resource == 1%

I couldn't understand what happened to my computer. After installation of Windows 98 and some ordinary softwares such as Microsoft Office and CorelDraw my computer respond very slowly. From System Properties/Performance dialog I see System Resource == 5% or smaller.

-I had to install Windows 98 so many times but no changes.
-Computers of my friends were OK with that Windows 98 Setup CD & CorelDraw CD.
-My friends attempted to install OS & softwares to my PC from his own Windows 98 Setup CD & CorelDraw CD. However, that helps nothing.

I'm sure that my computer has no virus. Please help me!

And this is the configuration:
CPU: Intel PII-400
Mainboard: Accord
Memory: LG, 64 Mb
Hardisk: 8Gb
OS: Windows 98

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it isn't what you installed that's the problem. It's what is running.

Go to and download a free process viewer, then you can see what is actually running (there is much more running in background than you see on your task bar).

You may also wish to get a program which will defragment memory & reclaim memory which was allocated but not freed by programs which are no longer running. Go to for the best one.

I suspect that some of the new s/w which you installed automatically starts some programs runing when windows starts & that is what you problem is.
Yes.  You should delete everything from the startup folder in the start menu.  64MB should be ok, but windows 98 is a memory hog.  As a last resort, maybe you should upgrade the memory.  128 is average nowadays.  Check with your friends to see how much ram they have.
Do the following steps in order. If the message stops, keep on until you can open the Resorce Meter (in System Tools) and show all resources at >60%

3. Every single icon on your Tray (by your clock) is another program. Try to take as many things out of your tray as you can; turn of the "Keep it on your Tray" function, such as RealPlayer's StartCenter. When I drop below 20 on my resources, that's the first thing to go.
4. Make sure there is no maximum size in your Swap File. Remove some stuff from all drives and make sure C: is uncompressed and has a lot of free space so that the Swap File can get BIG.
5. run Disk Defragmenter and ScanDisk (actually, this should be #1) they're both in System Tools.
6. Try to NEVER run more than one Internet program at a time; they're resource hogs and should be the ONLY thing running.
7. As a last resort, go to the nearest computer store and get another 32MB of memory; I would rather you didn;t have to. The preceeding things should work quite well; I'm at 75% or greater on ALL my system resources- with only 32MB of memory. Let us know how it turns out!

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Added steps:(Other Experts, jump in by doing decimals like this)

Step 2.5 Empty your Recycle Bin. Go under it's properties, and set it to "Delete Immediately." Having a full capacity Recycle Bin CAN do this to you.

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My next comment will have a link to it- I have to check that long URL.

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Run MSCONFIG from [start] button, click Run, type in MSCONFIG and press Enter.  Click on Startup TAB.  and ummm, figure the rest out yourself.
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