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I am drawing lines and polylines etc.  to draw a picture. All works OK but it is too slow. If I want to draw a picture made of 3000 lines, that takes about 90 mSec, depends of length of lines. If I want to move or zoom the drawing I must redraw it again and again and then another problem appears - flickering. It is problem with all that inherited procs for repaint, invalidate etc. I don't understand all this jet. So does anybody know how to draw faster (maybe with some other functions)or how to get results as : soft movement, soft online zoom and manage that disturbing efects.
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intheConnect With a Mentor Commented:
take a look here at fastlib under the delphi stuff,it may be of help to speed things up:

Regards Barry

this site may also be of interest:
I think double buffer can improve the speed .For example, you create a  tbitmap .All lines first draw on it ,then use your main canvas.copyrect to copy the final image to show.
Because all lines are first drawed on the bitmap that not be shown on screen .
It greatly reduce the time to refresh the screen.

good luck

TomazBAuthor Commented:
Well it was not realy answer, but with your information I helped myself to solve my problem.
Thank you Barry!
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