Glyph problem


I have a problem with displaying glyphs.
Simplified an app to: ImageList with 1 image and a BitButton on a Form.
On the development machine(Delphi 4, update pack 3) the image displays without a problem. If I build the app and move it to a Win 95 testing machine the images doesn't show up on the button face.
the image displays correctly on both NT and 98.

is this a bug??
has anybody seen this?

I checked the bug list, known issues on borland's site and there is no known bug list available for Delphi 4 anymore, only D5

any help will be appreciated.
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THis was a problem (with a running app) on Win 95 machines. The
ComCtrl.dll file doesn't contain the new routines for displaying the images. Microsoft has a patch for this on their website .i will find the url and paste here then download & run this to update your Win 95 (fixed in 98) and you should be fine.
Regards Barry

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you can goto to look the delphi bugs list.

I think you can try to install the ie4 or ie5 on win95 or update comctl32.dll to higher version of win98.It also may be caused by display driver.

good luck

karooAuthor Commented:
hi Barry,
happy new year:)
thanks for the info, get me the url and the points is yours.

i don't think i can force my users to install ie4 or ie5 (maybe they prefer browsing with netscape:) to fix the problem, i'll have to ship the necesarry dlls' with the build.
thanks anyway.

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TListView with TImageList - Icons do NOT display
The information below was posted on
Kerstin Thaler:
Mostly this problem appears when on the system where the program is running comctl32.dll has a version number prior 4.7. At this point Microsoft changed the streaming format of ImageLists.

Solution / workaround
Kerstin Thaler:
You could ask the customers to update the DLL, e.g. by installing IE 4 or 5. I think the best solution is to put the images in a resource file and load them at runtime into the ImageList though. Then you can't get a version conflict at least. If this doesn't help then probably it's really caused by a buggy video driver.
Jeff Overcash (TeamB):
Easier than asking them to update to IE4.0 or later is just run the comctl update that can be found at 

good luck


karooAuthor Commented:
thanks hubdog,
awarding the points to Barry but theres 50 waiting for you in the Delphi q area.

excellent response time guys!!

i think i missed some comments here ;-)
well i hope it fixes it,usually does.
Regards Barry
 if its a video driver problem you can turn down the hardware acceleration in the control panels display settings.that sually works on s3 chips especially.
karooAuthor Commented:

ComCtl update did the trick;-)
heh ok good to hear :-)
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