Networking with C++ name is eugene and i am currently looking for the coodings that will help me towards establishing connection between two PC on the network using C++.

For example : Computer A and Computer B

Both of this PC are connected to the network (LAN). I have an application :

Application :

MS-ACCESS is my database, I Created My front End Application Using AppWizard.
I have recordset and recordview. ODBC is my interface. The Operating System that i am using in college is Win NT 4.0.


I need the solution because i want to access the database from another computer using the networking method.



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Sounds an awful lot like a homework problem.  Why don't you do some work on your own and then ask for help?
eugene007Author Commented:
Well..actually we haven learn about it at i have 0 experince in was just an opinion given to me by my lecturer...:)
eugene007Author Commented:
It sounds very intresting and i really dont know where to start and what to do.
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It's a classic client/server problem.  You need two programs, one for each computer.  On the server computer, you need a "listener" that accepts incoming requests from the network, processes the request, and sends the appropriate reply.  The ODBC stuff you mentioned is what is used to process the request.  To write a listener, check out the WINSOCK functions bind(), listen(), accept(), receive(), and send().

On the client computer, you need to take some user input and generate a network request to the server.  Again, check out the WINSOCK functions connect(), send(), and receive().

That's a start....
i agree with jhance.u need a listener
in the server side that will listen to some action from the client side
 well if u have working experience in unix check out named pipes and sockets.u could get those to communicate between the two machines.
i would advise if u r qute capable in unix handle database operations in files.just make a Bulk copy of DB in to files and do the processing using C++ coding .Hope this isnt a bad suggestion

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Do you always copy other's comments and post them as your own answers?
eugene007Author Commented:
I am a person who is still be the champion of knowledge is to share knowledge..:)
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