POP3 ,IMAP ,SMTP Servers

i want to know how to configure POP3,IMAP,SMTP servers .What is the difference between these servers.how it works.how is access it from netscape ,IE or outlook Detailed answer preffered.
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sbisseyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
an SMTP Server is the server you use for outgoing mail.

Incoming mail can use either an IMAP or POP3 Server.

The Difference between IMAP and POP3:

IMAP is when you can directly access your mail messages on your server (you don't have tto download hem onto your local computer)  Thus when you delete a message it deletes it on the server there are no copies made.

POP3 is when you either get a copy or remove mail from the server and put it on your local computer (you can do either, it depends on your preferences).

I recommend you use POP3 unless you know you mail server supports IMAP, not all do.

Setting Them up in Netscape 4.x :

-Click Edit
  - Click Preferences
In the category box:    
- Click Mail & Newgroups
      - Click Mail Servers

Under Incoming Mail Server
  Click Add or Edit
  Enter in your server name, for example "pop.erols.com"
Make your server type POP3 Server
Enter your user name, usally your e.mail id.
Click on the POP tab, and check "Leave messages on server" if you don't want your computer to steel all your messages, it will just make copies if this is checked.
Click OK.

Under Outgoing mail (SMTP) server:
Enter in your outgoing server name, this is usally the same as your pop3 server, but you have to check with your ISP.  example:  "smtp.erols.com"
Then enter in your user name, this will be the same as the one for your Pop3 server.  Click Ok.

Now, click on Identity under the Mail & Newsgroups category and enter in your name and e.mail address.  This should get you up and running.  All you need to know is your server names, those I cannot tell you, you need to get those from your ISP - Internet Service Provider.

I hope this helps.

balarajuAuthor Commented:
anthem thanks

i will check these site and get back.
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