stop chkdsk

I just made a new install of NT on my master disk. It's perfect, except that, when I boot with the slave disk I had during install, it absolutely wants to check it (with chkdsk).
This disk contains A LOT of files (hundreds of directory, each one containing more files than you probably have on your servers). Its probably the reason while the chkdsk remains at 0% during index check (after a few hours, it's still 0%).
And I don't think that there are problems on my disk !
So, here's the question :
 how can I bypass the chkdsk ?
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seguretAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
On a disk (FSCSI-II) with 8.2 million files on it, the whole check takes less then two hours. Something else seems to be wrong.

Look in the registry for the following key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager

There you will find a keyword 'BootExecute'.

That's the one that has to be modified.  I'm using Windows 2000 so it could be that it is different under Windows NT.  I don't think it but you'll have to change it at your own risk.  Maybe somebody can confirm my comment.

Change the value to:

61 00 75 00 74 00 6F 00
63 00 68 00 65 00 63 00
6B 00 20 00 61 00 75 00
74 00 6F 00 63 00 68 00
6B 00 20 00 2A 00 00 00
00 00

it should look like this:

0000  61 00 75 00 74 00 6F 00  a.u.t.o.
0008  63 00 68 00 65 00 63 00  c.h.e.c.
0010  6B 00 20 00 61 00 75 00  k. .a.u.
0018  74 00 6F 00 63 00 68 00  t.o.c.h.
0020  6B 00 20 00 2A 00 00 00  k. .*...
0028  00 00

Make sure that you have created the security disk before changing this value.


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on NT4 during boot of a possibly corrupt filesystem you can just hit a key to abort chkdsk.

maybe you have something else installed like diskwatcher which hides the option to abort chkdsk.
uhm, don't you also need SP4 or later to be able to abort a chkdsk?

This article describes how to disable chkdsk


To RockWolf: that's exactly the same as I proposed!


sorry man, it's not exactly the same.
Read the document first :)

the values you provided are different for every system.
The solution I proposed is MUCH more easy to do.
Sequret: You decide who gave you the best solution.

Even found another explanation :)

This is for NTFS Partitions.

You will need to have Service Pack 4 installed which includes a 10 Second windows/delay on a reboot from where it is possible for you to can cancel a CHKDSK /F.
This will just prevent if from running at this time.
The next reboot you reboot you system it will try to run again unless cancled. It will keep doing this until it is run, either at startup or at the command prompt. This is because the dirty bit has been set.

The only way to clear the dirty bit is to run chkdsk / f


D:\>chkntfs /?
CHKNTFS drive: [...]
CHKNTFS /X drive: [...]
CHKNTFS /C drive: [...]

  drive: Specifies a drive letter.
  /D     Restores the machine to the default behavior; all drives are
         checked at boot time and chkdsk is run on those that are
         dirty.  This undoes the effect of the /X option.
  /X     Excludes a drive from the default boot-time check.  Excluded
         drives are not accumulated between command invocations.
  /C     Schedules chkdsk to be run at the next reboot.


seguretAuthor Commented:
I cannot test, because, after 55 hours of hard work, chkdsk finished its  task !
Yours answer are still good (at least it seems). So I give the 222 points to Davy, whose answer was first (and in the field, not in an url) (so I reject the answer-please Davy lock the question).
And I open a new question to give 50 points to Rockwolf.

You can also give points to comments.  Look in the bar at the left of the comments.  It should say something like "give points"


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