???? Windows 95 / hardware??

I have a very unusual problem with one of my machines.
Firstly I have a super socket 7, installed and windows 95.
I fdisked it and ive always got the impression theres something not quite right because Ive been getting funny error messages.  Recently it completely went down which is fair enough.  However now on more than one occasion it keeps coming up with error messages about compressed drives.

I can now get into windows however if i try to install windows 95 upgrade it says :

"Setup could not create files on your startup drive and can not setup windows you have HPFS or windows NT file system."

I know that its not a NT fileing system, however, I dont know what the HPFS part of the message is.

Ive also tried putting my HDD in another machine, it comes out with the same error..  I have a pretty upto date MAXTOR 6.4Gig GDD.

I am slightly lost to what could be causing this problem and how to reslove it and would appreciate your help....
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I've had similar problems.  Usually this stuff stems from a hard drive that has been used as an NT drive and then I needed it for Win95 or when the drive has been compressed previously.  This stuff tends to mess up the master boot record and if you do a simple FDISK on it the previous mbr screws with the current drive config.  There are a couple of things you can do to fix it.  First, when you FDISK the drive, try to FDISK the mbr first.  This is done by being at a DOS prompt and typing: fdisk /mbr

The PC will pause a bit and then you can do your FDISK the way you normaly do.

If you are still getting these errors about "NT partitions" then you'll have to try something else.

Go to this site:

and download a program called delpart.  When an NTFS (NT file system) partition is created on a hard drive, fdisk has a hard time removing it completely.  Delpart is a program that will zap that partition right off of there.  Just use this program from a DOS prompt, delete the partition and make sure to save the config in delpart.  Then exit the program and fdisk the hard drive like you normally would.

Hopefully one or both of these methods will clean up your hard drive.

Good Luck!
I think you have a hardware problem.  Most likely a failing hard disk.

I've used and re-used NTFS disks on Win9x systems many times and this is not an issue.  Win9x's FDISK program can delete the NTFS partitions and create new ones.  Once that is done, there is not a problem.

Your system is corrupting or losing it's partition table information.  Most likely this is due to a faulty disk drive but another possibility is bad RAM or transient system failures due to overclocking.

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michaeldiAuthor Commented:
well i tried everything and finally i looked at jhance answer and I couldnt belive it that it was the RAM causing the errors  ie.

"possibility is bad RAM or transient system failures due to overclocking."

Ive now changed it and i dont get any errors whatsoever..

What an anoying problem


I wish I could say I knew this due to extreme abilities on my part.  But, in actuality it's due to the long hours and late nights I've spent tracking down such problems.

Remember, any data that gets written to the disk, always spends some time in RAM.  If the RAM gets corrupted the data written to the disk will be wrong.  It's AMAZING what bizarre errors you get with a bad RAM chip.  Oddly enough, it's almost NEVER a "Bad Memory" error message!

Good to have been of assistance.
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