nvidia geforce video card

does anybody know of any drivers for my video card, or if i can change the setup of linux(red hat 6.1). right now i can't u x windows
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rbf351Author Commented:
please help me
Not supported yet. Look at www.nvidia.com
nope.  might be able to use vga at 16 colors for now, but you probably will only get 320x24 resolution or so.
640x480@16 colors @60Hz would prolly work.
The first thing you should do is install XFree86-SVGA-3.3.5-3.i386.rpm (rpm -Uvh XFree86-SVGA-3.3.5-3.i386.rpm) which is on the Red Hat CD. You should install anything else that you need to in order to satisfy dependencies, you do this by simply suffixing additional filenames to that rpm command (i.e: rpm -Uvh blah.rpm yada.rpm). When that's all installed (it's required by what you download from nVidia), download the accelerated GeForce X server from ftp://ftp1.detonator.nvidia.com/pub/drivers/english/riva-tnt-tnt2-vanta/linux/nvidia-xf86-335-src_tar.gz Then run: tar -zxvf nvidia-xf86-335-src_tar.gz This will gunzip and untar it. After that, run: ./riva_install :in the directory it was extracted to and follow the onscreen instructions.

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