modeless dialogbox problem

in ws_ftp there is a wee modeless dialog box which gives you feedback onthe current transfer, it has a progress bar some text and a cancel button ...and you can move it around the screen nicely...and you can minimize the main app etc..

how the hell do you get a modeless dialog to do all that? i have a modeless dialog which has the text updating workign nicely, the progress bar works nicely as well..but i just dont seem to be able to get it to work so that clickig on a button works...or letting the user drag the dialog around the screen (and it would be very useful to be able tominimize the parent dialog
while the modeless is running as well)


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chensuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check out the following article that implements the CWaitDialog class.
Your app must accept Windows messages for modeless dialog controls to work. If you are reading a set of files, for example, you must call PeekMessage periodically, either after every n bytes or after each file.
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