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I have a list of clients (name, adress, phone)and I want to have another list called bills (code, ammount). Each client may have more than one bill.How can I link them together, in a way that I can at anytime know how big is the debt of a client (in money) and how many bills he has( just by typing the name and the program shows me the list off bills)?
1 Solution
How about making a linked list of clients of structs like this:

struct client {
char name[NAME_SIZE];
char address[ADDRESS_SIZE];
/* add any other client info */
struct bill* bill_list; /* pointer to list */

and each client (using the bill_list pointer) has a list of bills of structs like this:

struct bill {
int ammount;
/* add any other bill info */
struct bill* next;

don't forget to have all the needed function to menage the lists (add, remove etc.)

This is a starting point from which you should be able to continue yourself.
If this is homework, we aren't supposed to help you but can give some guidenss.

Good luck,
Arnon David.
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