irc, ftp and masquerading

i have a linux box configures with ipmasquerading. it's working because a can access internet and send e-maisl from any machine on my intranet.

i loaded the modules for ftp and irc but, how configure the mirc and the ws-ftp to work?

the mirc ask for:
use socks firewall? -i'm using ipfwadm, select it?
protocol: socks 4 or socks 5 ...
hostname: i inserted the firewall ip.
user id??
port. what port should i use, do i have to configure something on my linux box?
iniciate dcc's through firewall - has to be selected?

the ftp:
asks for the samething that on mirc.. but has more, what kinf of
firewall: transparent? etc.
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First, I am assuming you are using a different internal machine on your network to access the internet through your Linux firewall machine.  If this is true, you need to first have the default gateway set to be your Linux box ip intranet ip address.  Then in ftp program, you should be able to just access anything as if teh firewall were transparent.  If you have packet forwarding enabled on the linuxbox, it is transparent.  Your irc account password and username is what is being requested.  I would select socks 4.  Not sure which port irc uses.  Let me check.  FTP will use port 21 in most cases, but it depends on the server you are logging into.  The most important thing to realize here is that the linux machine is not going to have anything to do with the configuration of the client applications on the internal machines on your network, unless the ftp or irc server you are logging onto IS your own linux machine.  You really just behave as if you were connected directly to the internet via a modem, etc.
If you have loaded all of the modules for ipmasq and ipmasq is configured correctly. Then all you have to do is configure you client software as if their is no firewall. The firewall most of this software refers to is a proxy based firewall. In your case ignore anything dealing with a firewall as it is not needed.

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Once you've selected the right modules under /etc/rc.d/rc.modules and enabled masquerading, you should be able to use the Internet transparently, without even having to inform that you have a firewall...

 Note that ipfwadm is deprecated, consider changind to ipchains.

 Good luck!
Daniel_AAuthor Commented:

it's all working now!
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