Game shark

When using my game shark i put in golden eye and it will start the game.  But when i put  in Banjo-kazooi  or  jet force gemini it wont play.  WHY? please help
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Your game shark may have locked up
t may be a Older Version
Or The Gameshark is currepted
Are these games supported by the
expension pack?

Sometimes games like that won't use gamesharks because they might already have built in cheats or the game won run with that specific hardware.  Like donkey kong on snes. Nintendo would not let u use it with that game.
The answer is gameshark will not work with all games or your gameshark is broken.

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The problem is the keycode entry. You will have to use Goldeneye to get into the keycodes for all of those games. I assume you know how to do that? If not, all you do is go down to the menu and select "Keycode Entry". Then, press down on your control stick until one of those games comes up. After you select the game you will have to switch out games and select the appropiate codes for that game.
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