Wikn2k on less than 64 Meg of ram?

I woul dlove to use the eval copy that M$ gave me, but the only test machine I can muster up here has only 48Meg of ram, and it wont install.

Does any one there know of any way to install it on a machine with less ram? A undocumented command line switch perhaps?
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You can install W2K on a 32 MB machine. I have do it. And Microsoft say it also:

Meeting Hardware Requirements
Before you install Windows 2000, make sure your computer meets the
following minimum hardware requirements:
   * 166 MHz Pentium or higher microprocessor (P5 or equivalent
     compatible microprocessor).
   * 32 megabytes (MB) of RAM (64 MB recommended; 4 gigabytes [GB]
   * 2-GB hard disk with a minimum of 650 MB of free space.
   * VGA or higher resolution monitor.
   * Keyboard.
   * Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device (optional).


raycassAuthor Commented:
Maybe I should have been clearer when I gave my situation. I am installing Windows 2000 SERVER, not Professional. I run the winnt.exe file, and it does it's thing, but then just when it says it is going to start installing Windows 2000 it stops, and tell sme that my computer doe snot have 64Meg of ram, and that setup is stopped.

I know that there HAS to be a command line switch to do this...
I have digging in my Beta-documentation here but don't find annything. I will look deeper..

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PS Can you not find any memory??

raycassAuthor Commented:
I am trying.. the problem is that the motherboard in my test machine only has one DIMM slot and 4 SIMM slots in it. I don't have 64Meg of SIMMs, and all my DIMMs are 32 meg each...

I tried mixing the memory (DIMMs and SIMMs) like the MB allows, but the NT install blue screens every time. The error in the Beta guide said that the error was most likely from mis-matched ram chips.

I am going to try to swap 2 of the DIMMs for one 64Meg DIMM stick...

Sometimes working in a small comapny really sucks! hehehehe but I love it.
Adam LeinssServer SpecialistCommented:
By default you need 64MB of memory installed on the machine to install Windows 2000 Server, however this limitation can be got round.

Copy the Windows 2000 I386 installation structure to a harddisk/network drive.
Edit the file TXTSETUP.SIF located in the root of the I386 structure
Search for RequiredMemory
Edit the line which allows you to change the amount of memory however only change if you know what you are doing!


Save the file
Install as normal

Be aware that this will not work with upgrades/installs using winnt32.exe, only winnt.exe.


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I have tried this ... and it does work.
But I wouldn't recommend it!
The system thrashed at every little task I gave it to do.
Then, for the first time ever, during a particularly long thrashing session, I got the only win2000 GPF I've ever received.
1) Run Professional, not Server.
2) If you must run Server then you MUST get more RAM, period - there WAS a reason they didn't let you run Server with 32MB - a damn good reason.

Trust the voice of experience - I tried to get away with it, and it didn't happen for me!
You right. I have tested it here and you can setup it, and I have even create a bigger swap file and do other things. But I run here to the GPF's and freasing screens I ever seen it.

So The only thing that you can do is use the professional version or install more ram.

raycassAuthor Commented:
This answer does work just fine. I have not run into any GPF problems, but as stated by many folks, the system is slow. It is not unusable, but it is slow.

Right now my intentions are only eval, so speed is not really a MAJOR concern at this point.

Good luck!
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