UDMA/33 vs. UDMA/6

I need a new HD.  I can save about 30% if I buy an older model with UDMA 33.  My Abit BP6 supports both.  How significant is the performance difference between the two HD types?
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RudolfFraDKConnect With a Mentor Commented:
UDMA66 has a certain potential, but a lot of disks doesnt have a performance great enough to give you the value for the money. - a 7200 or 10000 rpm disk might give you a better performance, but if the disk you are considering only runs with about 4500 then you will not get a better performance!
And you have to update the BP6 BIOS if you want to use the UDMA66 disk ! - Take a look at this site:
- UDMA 66 facilitates a better throughput, but many harddisks doesnt generate a throughput great enough to give a better performance - so take a look at the UDMA66 HDs rpm - and if it is above 4500 then you might get better performance!
This is a burst mode measurement and is generally never reached.  Again with some HDs that cleim to be UDMA 66 the difference between them and UDMA 33 is hardly noticeable.

Recommendation.  Buy the UDMA 33 and save the money.  I doubt if you would notice the difference.  If you do need fast hard drive speed then you should be looking at SCSI.
I'd disagree with dbrunton.  I have two almost identical systems.  One has a UDMA 33 drive and the other has a UDMA 66 drive.  The disk performance is noticeable faster the the WinBench DiskIO mark is almost 2X faster.

Go for the fast disk.  There are more important things to do in life but sit around growing old waiting for a slow disk drive!!

I would agree with the SCSI assertion, however.  If you've ever used a system with a 10000 rpm Ultra-Wide SCSI hard disk and an Adapter 2940-UW controller, you will know what speed is...  If cost is no object, then this is the way to go.
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