Can't even save any files !

For some reason, when I go into any image editor (GIMP) under WinLinux 2000 (KDE Desktop) and I try to save it, it says the error:
 Write fail: blahblah.jpg

Why? How do I fix this ?
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jomysterAuthor Commented:
Note: I still have 75% free disk space left on my hard drive.
may be u r saving to some dir where u dont have write permissions.. check for that ..
Have you tried to do this as root instead of another login?  Perhaps the directory you are saving to has permissions set so that you don't have write access.  If this is the case, you need to log in as root and change one of two things.  You can look at the properties for the directory to find out what group the folder belongs to.  Check that the user name you log in as belongs to that group.  If the group says "root" change it to users or something and make sure you belong to that group.  Also, change the folder permissions to 550 (read, write, for owner and group).  This should take care of teh problem.  Otherwise, you could try to save to a directory you know for sure you already have write access to.

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jomysterAuthor Commented:
Ok now I understand! But is there any way to retrieve these files in an OS other than linux?????
If you are using standard file formats (i.e. jpg, bmp, etc) then any os should be able to read them.  You just have to figure out the disk sharing thing.  Oh, by the way, thanks for all the points.
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