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I am starting a game development business which will be an offshoot of my publishing business. I use a laptop with a K6-II at 366 MHz chip and 32 megs of RAM, 4.3 gigs, which I will boost to 96 megs. Is this good enough for Photoshop - and is it much better to use an Athlon or Pentium III?
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lrollinsIT ManagerCommented:
How big is your hard drive?
jefhatfieldAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
Sure its good enough to RUN Photoshop, but to run efficiently, I would use at least 128 megs of ram. If your working on really large files (50 or more megs or so) running filters can be very slow without enough ram. I'm running 256 megs of ram on a Pentium III 500 and still have to wait for filters to run on large files. Another consideration would be upgrading your video card (if possible) Again, the more ram the better. As for the chip, the SSE instructions in the Pentium III have helped my performance. As always, make sure you optimize all your prefereences (scratch disk, etc.). lowering the number of undos (history pallete) will also improve performance.
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Yes, Photoshop can be used on your laptop, but I would defiately recommend that you upgrade your memory to 96 or 128 meg.

I am using Photoshop 5 on a 266 Pentium II, 64meg memory.  Performance is acceptable - but complex filters on large pictures do take a long time (in the order of a minute or so)

I must admit that I have 2 large hard drives, but as long as you have enough free space (remembering how big your pictures are) there should be no problem here.

Your display adaptor and display itself may make a difference.  Have a look at its capabilities both using an external monitor and using the built in display.  If you are happy with the resolution and colour availability, then you can and should use Photoshop.
(I use an ATI Rage Fury for the high resolution at full colour).

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