Can't boot to win98 from Lilo

I have windows 98 running on my computer.  I just installed Red Hat 6.0 on to a seperate HDD that I just installed.  The installation went fine except when it told me to reboot, it took me directly to linux and asked me for a user name and password.  I know what my password is but I don't know what to put into the user name.

My other question is how can I get my computer to prompt me to ask which os I want to use.  Right now it will only go into linux.  I can boot off of my win98 boot up disk but when i try to run windows from c:\windows I get a blue screen with an error saying "VFAT Device Initialization Failed, system halted"
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biardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The user name the first time you log in is root.  You should then go in and create a new user account with the adduser command.  

As for a boot menu, you won't get one, but you do havethe option.  You get a prompt that looks like "LILO:"  It stays on the screen for a few seconds before it defaults to Linux.  Try typing "dos" or "windows" at that prompt.  It depends on what the Original hard drive partition is named/labeled.  Then it will boot windows instead.  You can edit the lilo.conf file to default to windows if you would prefer that instead.
Oh, BTW, you can get a menu by pressing shift and then tab at the LILO: prompt.

Run the command:

man lilo.conf for more info.
cremmeAuthor Commented:
Thank you
This might now be helpful, but you can change the default boot setting from linux to dos by changing the settings using linuxconf.  I'm a new user, but I was able to change the default from linux to dos, and back again.
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